Tubes and sachets for cosmetics


Tubes for cream, shampoo, and other cosmetics


Sachets - samples for effective advertising


Labels for your cosmetics


Tubes and sachets for cosmetics

We deliver tubes with labels, tubes with print, and sachets for your cosmetics. At MedPack you get high quality packaging for cosmetics, serious guidance, and service in all fases of development.

  • Tubes with print

    The best solution for bigger stock is printing directly on the tube. For example, the opportunity for a unique color on the tube or cap…

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  • Labels

    MedPack delivers labels in the best quality on the market. We make it easy for you and take care of the process every step of the way.

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  • Sachets

    Sachets are samples containing for example cream or shampoo and is a good way of advertising your products…

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  • About MedPack

    Or solutions are characterized by high quality. We analyze your needs, … and follow things though – every time

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What can you expect?

MedPack products and everything around them is high quality. But this same high quality will also be found in the way we work with our customers. We analyze the concrete needs, provide an overview, and follow things though – every time

It is in our DNA to refrain from compromising, and in everything we do, we are detail oriented and always focused on high quality, so that our customers are provided the best possible outcome from their work with us.

We handle the ordering of labeled tubes, printed tubes, labels, and sachets for you.

We offer you fast delivering of labeled tubes (we always have 400.000 tubes in stock)

We offer you great flexibility and variable quantities from 50 pieces

We control the process from beginning to end

We help you as a startup to begin your project

We make sure that your design/artwork is optimized for your tube or sachet.

We give you input on your design, technical possibilities, and the most economically viable solution.

We make sure that you use the correct version of your artwork for reprints.

We simplify the complex and make it easy for you and your business.

Learn more about MedPack’s solutions for tubes with labels, printed tubes, plain tubes, sachets, or labels.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.