Recycled plastic tubes – eco-friendly packaging for cosmetics


An alternative to traditional tubes is tubes made from recycled plastic (PCR) or sugarcane.

In a world with increased focus on sustainability, it is reassuring to know that most tubes can be recycled and the plastic packaging for cosmetics, such as tubes, can become new plastic products.

MedPack offers recycled plastic (PCR) or sugarcane tubes as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tubes.

Tubes made from recycled material, also known as PCR tubes, are available as white or colored tubes. You can get packaging for cosmetics in tubes with different ratios of recycled plastic. The material for our PCR tubes is subject to strict certifications to prove the quality of the recycled plastic.

The recyclable plastic for our tubes comes from milk and water bottles from European households. Our PCR recycled plastic is approved for cosmetic and food packaging and complies, of course, with all European regulations.



Environmentally friendly

MedPack offers packaging for cosmetics in the form of recycled plastic (PCR) or sugarcane as an alternative to traditional tubes.

Sugarcane tubes

Sugarcane or bioplastic tubes are an environmentally friendly type of packaging. This makes them suitable for cosmetic products and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional tubes. Growing sugarcane helps to absorb carbon dioxide, and by using sugarcane we help reduce the greenhouse effect and protect nature.

Increasing consumer focus on sustainability

The minimum quantity of PCR or sugarcane tubes is 10.000 pieces, and the delivery time is approx. 5-8 weeks:

Contact us and hear more about the possibilities for recycled plastic tubes or tubes based on sugarcane.