Individual tubes and packaging design


Perhaps you have a desire for a cosmetics tube and packaging design in your company color, a unique cap, or a combination of both. You can choose packaging design and print directly on your customized cosmetics tube. Or we can make the tube without print, giving you the flexibility to apply labels ad hoc, allowing you to use the same cosmetic tubes for several different products.

MedPack can also supply individual tubes in CoEx or tubes made from sugar cane or recycled plastic.

The possibilities are vast, and MedPack helps you through the process, ensuring approval of the tube, packaging design, materials and taking responsibility from start to finish.



Caps – the way you want

For your individual tube and your packaging design you can freely choose between several different types of caps. You can get standard cap, flip-top, nozzle, or clean & clear. Of course, in every color of the rainbow, transparent or frosted.

Individual tubes

– You wish for a special combination of color on your tube and cap
– You wish for a special cap
– You need 5.000 pieces of at least two variants
– Your production schedule allows for approximately 7-8 weeks of delivery time

Contact us for a non-binding offer on your individual tube.