Sachets – other products


Many businesses sell products in powder form, have smaller units to be packed in small bags or need samples for industrial products. MedPack supplies sachets with contents such as wax for bicycle pants, lubricant for hinges, grease, color powder, washing powder, nutritional supplements, impregnation liquid, silicone, various powdered products and tablets or other solid elements.

In short, he variety of sachet uses is vast, and the only limit is your imagination.



Tailor made solutions

We can make sachets with contents of between 2g to 250g in several different shapes. If you need a hole in the sachet for hanging on a stand or a special closure, we can provide that as well.

We deliver

The minimum quantity is 3.000 pieces, regardless of whether you want a sachet in transparent foil, aluminum foil, pre-printed foil, or coated paper. Sachets are of course available in the exact design and size that you would like.

Sachets are available in many different sizes from e.g., 40x50mm to 100x120mm and with contents from 2ml to 250ml. The raw material is delivered to MedPack, and we take care of the rest. Delivery time is 3-4 weeks from the approval artwork according to our design template and the arrival of bulk.

Contact us to hear about your options and get a non-binding offer.