Sachets – cosmetics


Sachets are samples of e.g., cream or shampoo and they are a great way to market your products…

MedPack has supplied sachets of the highest quality to the Scandinavian cosmetics industry for more than 20 years. We produce sachets for all companies. From the largest cosmetics brands in the industry to the start-up company, in orders from 3.000 – 100.000 pieces, so we can definitely also help you with your sachets.

We supply sachets with product samples of e.g., hand cream, face cream, body lotion, facial cleanser, baby zinc, shampoo, conditioner, salt scrub, body scrub, eye cream, hand sanitizer, disinfectant gel or disinfectant cleaner – ready to use? You deliver bulk with the product – and we will take care of the rest in cooperation with you.
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Sachets for sale

Sachets can also be sold to your customers in packs of, for example, 5-10 pieces, so that they always have a sachet at hand, in their handbag or as a handy travel kit for their hand luggage on a flight.

Sachet design

Of course, you decide the design for your sachets. We provide a template for the design and print your samples digitally or in flexo printing and with matte or glossy varnish. MedPack offers various foil solutions such as transparent, aluminum foil, white foil, coated paper and ensures you the highest quality printing.

We can also supply double sachets where the sachets are linked together e.g., shampoo and conditioner, night cream and day cream or…

Sachet packaging
Your sachets are delivered in boxes of 300-500 pieces, but if you prefer, we can deliver sachets packed n clear foil bags or smaller boxes of e.g., 25-50 pieces.

Here are a few examples of sachets sizes, but you can get sachets in exactly the format you want.

Size max content:

40x50mm       1,5 ml
40×60mm         2 ml
50×70mm          3 ml
60×80mm         5 ml
70×90mm        15 ml
80×100mm     20 ml
90×110mm      23 ml
100×120mm    35 ml

Microbial testing
Of course, we perform microbial testing of bulk and ensure that everything is okay.

Minimum quantity is 3.000 pcs. per design and delivery time is approx. 4-5 weeks from the artwork is approved to when the bulk is received

New feature
As an alternative to sachets, you can also get your sample in a 5 ml tube with print. The tube can be filled with 2-5 ml, and we take care of printing and filling, so the only thing you need to think about is the delivery of the artwork according to our template and finished bulk.